Get behind the wheel and drive an open wheel formula car.

Why choose The Formula Experience?

A racing experience is made up of many different parts to deliver a great product, really the cars are the stars so let’s start there.  We use Formula 2000 style cars which weigh in at just 1100lbs and have over 140hp.  That’s less than 8 pounds for every horsepower, it’s a power to weight ratio that provides amazing throttle response.  Of course with a Formula car it will always be about the corners, and these cars certainly won’t let you down there.  The race proven suspension will take you thru the corners at speeds you can only imagine, there is nothing in the world like an open-wheeled racecar and now you can experience that.  If you are looking for something a little easier to start on, we present you with our ride along experience.  Get all the thrills of a road course while be driven around at high speeds in a Porsche Boxster.

At the heart of The Formula Experience, is our staff we are dedicated to providing a unique and memorable track experience that combines first-rate driving instruction with plenty of seat time. Our instructors and support staff have one goal: to ensure that drivers and their families have an unforgettable track experience…every time! We work with our customers on a personal level, catering obsessively to their needs and ensuring that they meet their driving goals while having a GREAT time.

The inspiration at the TFE  is to take drivers with little or no track experience and give them an introduction to driving on an actual race course in a controlled setting. In addition to on-track driving, drivers will receive comprehensive classroom instruction provided by qualified instructors. Upon completion of an TFE event, drivers will be able to operate high performance vehicles on the track safely.

“Our success is measured by the number of drivers choosing us because we meet or exceed their expectations of a great time at the track.”



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